my life is in hysteria
im a single teenager who is a senior in highschool and cries over people 20x my age


russia has all the pretty boys

Are You Tyrell?

i live in college station texas

thanks for visiting, grab some popcorn and relax because popcorn and pretty colors make everything better


so im getting letters from colleges and i was reading the names out loud and my mom said well pick that one because no one is going to accept you anywhere else!


my birthday was on sunday and i celebrated it with my wonderful cousin state-of-thought and our friend jamf-14 and i got a sweet message from hetareach and i started senior year so i think this year is going to be pretty nice 

You think I’m not a goddess?
Try me.
This is a torch song.
Touch me and you’ll burn.





Hi guys!

So, in response to some asks I’ve gotten, I decided that I would release the first scene of the game as a sort of demo.

It’s not very long and it hasn’t been beta’d - it’s literally just a little look at the game so you can try it out and have a little explore. Hopefully you’ll all still want to play the game once it’s over (ha!)

The demo will end when you decide to drive to the house in the Impala.

How to play:

  • Download this .exe file from my dropbox (note: Chrome may refer to the file as malicious and ask for your permission to download it - it does this for most .exe file extensions, and the game will not harm your pc in any way)
  • Run the application and, when prompted, extract to a file location of your choice
  • Open the newly extracted file and run the “game” application
  • It should now be up and running. Have fun!

You can find the credits for the demo here



EDIT: The Dropbox link no longer works due to the amount of traffic it received.

The demo can now be downloaded from 4shared here! Thank you so much uwu

Hello people, play this please and be more excited for it than ever, okay thank you, bye.

Tell six random things about yourself then tag a bunch of random people

I was tagged by vulgar-fallen-angel

Hmm… okay…

1. im a loser in highschool who secretly has a crush on her junior year teacher but im trying to stop because im a senior and hes married and dont meNTION IT soobb

2. my favorite food is popcorn

3. i will fight you if you say popcorn (not really cause im a wuss) is not a food because someone gave me grief saying its a “snack” and “food” is a meal and i got mad 

4. if i dont like a person i will try to be nice to them but i will have the largest grudge but i will feel bad if they figure out i dont like them

5. if you have facial hair and tattoos hit me up (just kidding, but seriously though… facial hair….)

6. ive named at least half my animals after food

people i tag:

uhmmm state-of-thought and i guess anybody who wants to do it